International A Rating

The A certification shows the company's prestige and its high quality. The certified company is a suitable choice for making business not only in the Czech republic but due to international outreach of the certification also for all over Europe.


The certificate confirms reliability, credibility and minimum risk in cooperation with the certified company. Owners of the certificate will turn into attractive business partners, regarding the stabile financial health. The exclusivity of companies is guaranteed by strict criteria. These companies can acquire the certification and confirm their strong position on the market. The certification brings vast choice of cooperation on international commissions or contracts, where credibility is the key factor of cooperation.

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Who can acquire the certificate

  • company clear of debts, neither in bankruptcy nor in liquidation of company
  • company with no overdue liabilities more than 30 days according to the monitoring of payment behaviour
  • company with adequate score rating
  • legal entity paying VAT
  • company with duly published financial statements  younger than 22 months
  • company of shareholder's capital at minimum equal to the amount of guarantee capital

How to present the certification

Active logo

Daily updated logo will show visitors of your websites, that you meet the conditions of the certification up to date in real time. After the certification, you will be sent a HTML code you will put on your websites. The updated logo with a date, company registration date and the name of your company will be downloaded automatically each day from the BISNODE database.

Printed certificate

The framed certificate is suitable to be placed in the company's premises. You will get it in an electronic version as well to present it in company information materials including the annual report. There is a choice from five languages: Czech, English, Slovak, German and Russian. This way you can approach your customers in their mother tongue.

In case of a need, you can buy any other language version or more certificates for 950 CZK.

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