Information on clients are stored in accordance with laws in force of the Czech Republic, and the personal data protection act nr. 101/2000 collection of laws, subsequently amended.  Bisnode Česká republika, a.s. uses all data acquired from customers exclusively for its internal needs and does not provide them to third parties.

Without granting client's express assent, Bisnode Česká republika, a.s. handles personal data purely and exclusively to the extent of permitted by the personal data protection act, in particular s. 5 (2) ( b) and s. 5 ( 6) Personal data of our clients are fully secured against improper use.
The data is stored on back-up servers, which are a property of Bisnode. The data is not shared with third parties applications. Bisnode Česká republika, a.s. is entitled to administer subject's personal data in the framework of offering deals and services of the subject and is entitled to use subject's first name, second name and address in connection with its business. All  in terms of s. 5 (5) of the personal data protection act. The personal data administrator must not process mentioned data any further.