About Bisnode

Bisnode enables making the right and smart business decisions. We transform data and information into complex knowledge that make both strategic and day to day operations easier for companies throughout Europe. We employ over 2600 people on 17 European markets.
Bisnode is a leading European economical information provider on companies and businessmen. Bisnode helps companies increase their returns, minimize business risks and enables making the right business decisions possible by the help of its solutions.

For more than 21 years, Bisnode has been a partner of many companies in the area of B2B solutions and the Czech and Slovak market insight. That applies to the whole range starting from small sized companies to the biggest players on the market.


  • Albertina – Business marketing database of all companies and institutions.
  • D&B Global Reference Solution – International database of companies particularly for business and marketing.
  • D&B Portfolio Manager – Complex asset management, customer portfolio monitoring.
  • Artemis – On-line application screening the financial fitness of companies.
  • Arachne – Relation revealing application between Czech and Slovak subjects.